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We love animals of all kinds.  They bring joy, beauty, fascination and amusement to our lives.  Some become our family members and adapt well to our routine.  Some include many parrots, the longer we know them, the more we wonder how they would have been in the wild.  We have been very fortunate to have a few opportunities in joining field scientists and researchers to see wild parrots in South America and Africa in recent years.  The more we learn, the more we desire to ensure these loud, confident and magnificent creatures will survive.  The most effective way is to support the local conservation group and the community where the birds reside.     

SHOP FOR CONSERVATION includes selected products for this purpose.  Part of the proceed will be donated to select conservation groups that fund on-going projects such as the release of Illegally Captured Africa Grey Parrots in Congo by the World Parrot Trust or "Community Building" by Conservación del Loro Boliviano (CLB) in Bolivia.  We also fund one-time project that directly benefits local communities that protects the habitat of the endangered parrots.

There is an unexplained joy to see wild parrots playing and calling each other high up on the tree.  It is equally exciting to see tapirs, jaguars, armadillos and many other creatures being who they are in the wild - laughable, cute and even fearsome.  We want them to be around; we want to help! 


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