Great Condition - Backpack-o-Pet Large Size

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Title:  Backpack-o-Pet Large

Rusty has put his paw down and begged me not to sell his bag.  It has been a critical, rugged piece for our adventures over the years.  Plane trips, train rides, day hikes, camping trips.  I even put him in it during tornado season when the sirens wail and we go running for cover.  But he is much skinnier now (13# instead of 18# when originally purchased) and this bag is just too big. It is in excellent condition given all our adventures (no stains/rips/chewed areas).  Hoping this bag will go to a home that will get as much use out of it as Rusty and I have.  What Rusty doesn't know is that Celltei is working on a smaller bag for us, so our adventures will go on.  Khaki color outside, cream color lining.  Asking $100 plus shipping costs.  


Date Completed:    June 2008

Original Details:

  • Custom Made for 14 lbs. long mini Schnauzer
  • Base Model and Size: Active Backpack-o-Pet - large (no wheel)
  • Material & Trims: Khaki
  • Lining & Mesh: Beige lining and beige smooth mesh

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