Medium size Pak-o-BIrd plus water bottle for sale (used) - SOLD

MSRP: $291.95
Was: $291.95
Now: $150.00
(You save $141.95 )
Please contact seller directly, see description.

This carrier has everything it came with plus the attachable water bottle.

I made the mistake of putting my Umbrella cockatoo in it for 15 minutes to see how he would tolerate it

and he tore a small piece that I took a picture of that I fixed, other than that it is spotless and brand new.

I loved this Pak for my Eclectus it was so easy to take him anywhere and he loved it.

I am selling it for $150 plus shipping.  It will be shipped from Maine.  

Listed 10/17/2019; SOLD on 11/07/19


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