Parts for 2005 model Backpack-o-Pet Small

  • Comfortable thick pet carrier pad with 3/8" foam and high quality faux fur.  It is like a pet mattress.

Date:   July 2016                 Photo Courtesy:    Stephanie S. of California

Stephanie has been a great supporter to Celltei for over 10 years. She ordered a few accessories for a Small black Backpack-o-pet purchased approximately 2008 [actually 2005] and a replacement backpack strap for a trip in two days.

CELLTEI:    As the supply of buckles changes over the years, please send us pictures of the backpack strap buckles to see if we can find a match.

[Stephenie emailed us the pictures]

CELLTEI:    We are sorry to report, we may have the small buckle but we don't have the large buckle any more. Is you backpack strap worn out and needs replacement? Do you have the counter parts on the backpack strap that you can send back?

[Stephanie has other carriers from that era that can be used for this trip. She have the accessories sent and may send us the strap/bag to change the buckles after the trip to have a matching backpack strap.


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