Parts for a Small Celltei Pak-o-Bird

  • Flip-Top Lixit water bottle 10 oz with stainless steel valve
  • Celltei car seat strap adjustable to full length of 68"
  • Natural Dragon Wood Perch about 13"(33 cm)  Long and 3/4" (2 cm) thick
  • Celltei Wingnut Holder with wingnut insider
  • Single Clamp 5 oz Stainless Steel Cup for Birds and small animals

Date:   July 2016                 Photo Courtesy:    Kyle of California

Kyle ordered various parts/accessories from our site and commented "I have a Timneh African Grey. I received a medium Pak-o-bird when I got her, but it was missing all of the accessories. I am getting everything missing so that I can use the backpack for her."

CELLTEI:    Just want to make sure your ordered the right parts. Is your Pak-o-bird 13” or 15” wide? We started off making the 15” and have the 13” become the standard a few years back. We have also made improvements over the years and if you want, please email us a few pictures to see if you are getting all the parts right. For example, the cups that come with the current design is the two bolt cups rather than single clamp cups.

[Kyle emailed us the pictures]

CELLTEI:    This is one with nylon mesh.  The support panels was bent out of shape.  Please unsnap the support panels (the black plastic panels), place some weights over them to allow the plastic to return to a flat configuration.  Re-attach them by pairing up all snap buttons to those on the carrier.  
You do have the floor panel, we will deduct it from the order you placed.  Two single clamp cups (not the double bolted ones you selected) should be fine as this is an older model with one hole for the simple clamp cups available then.  Same for the wingnut holders, two should be fine for the long screw.
As most (not all) Greys are small, busy birds and chewers, the usual size we recommended is one with stainless steel mesh and having the wide panel added for $10. The nylon mesh can easily be damaged by chewing, so please keep an eye on the bird and stop any chewing immediately.

The list of parts ordered are listed above. Please click to add the item(s) you would need.


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