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  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Silver Dust Color - Bird Carrier
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Pink Sorbet - Bird Carrier- Side View
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Violet Color - Bird Carrier
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier Design- Olive Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier Design
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Old Navy Blue Color   - Bird Carrier
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Inside View- in Cordura® Barn Red Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Barn Red Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier Design- in Cordura® Fuchsia Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Cordura® Peacock Color - Bird Carrier
  •  Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier Design- in Cordura® Turquoise Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Kryptek Highlander™  Print - Bird Carrier
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- in Kryptek Typhon™ Print - Bird Carrier
  •  Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Inside View- Bird Carrier Design- in Cordura® Spa Blue Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier Design- in Cordura® Spa Blue Color
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier- in Cordura® Clay Color- Backpack Straps View
  • Celltei- Birdie GoGo- Bird Carrier- Size Comparison  - Medium in Cordura® Clay Color and Kryptek™ Typhon Print- Small in Spa Blue and Fuchsia Color

Birdie GoGo - Medium Size

Stock colors ship in 1 week, other colors 2 to 3 weeks

Product Description

Stylish, No-frill and "Snap-and-Go" Design for Birds

Now including two D-Rings for hanging toys

Five Stock Colors:    Silver Dust (Grey), Pink Sorbet, Very Violet, Olive Green & Old Navy

Nine optional Colors (Add $10):   Gold, Coyote Brown, Clay, Barn Red, Fuchsia, Turquoise, Spa Blue, Peacock & Black (+$10)

Two Special Patterns/Colors ($Add $25):   Kryptek Highlander & Typhon (+$25) 

Detatchable Parts:

  • One plastic floor panel 2 oz.
  • One pair of padded front/backpack straps 7 oz.
  • One dragonwood perch 4 to 13 oz. (depending on size)
  • Two stainless steel cups about 3 oz each. (you can opt out and save $5 per cup)


Dimension: 12" L x 10.5" W x 14.5" H
Weight: 2 lb 12 oz.
Perch Position (above floor): 4.75", 6" and 7.25"
Material & Trims:

1680-Denier Nylon in Gold and Green color.
Cordura® in Old Navy, Violet, Pink, and all 
other colors. 

Lining & Mesh: Grey color Nylon and stainless steel mesh

Design Notes

Launch Date:    Spring 2016

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  1. U get what u pay for...

    Posted by Bill on 20th May 2018

    Very very nice carrier for my Indian Ring neck.. quality is the best...service was great!!! Medium sized carrier is a little snug but he is still a happy bird...if I were to get another , would order large.

  2. Awesome!

    Posted by Pat on 16th Mar 2018

    My African Grey who is very picky went right in and sat on the perch. Its the perfect size and weight for her. Like others have said, the shoulder straps are a bit long (I'm 5'8") so will need to figure out how to tighten them while wearing. Looking forward to sunnier days so we can go for long walks.

  3. Perfect for outings

    Posted by JG on 30th Aug 2017

    My purpose was to find a good outing cage for up to 4 hours. I was in the process of fabricating my own when I happened on these products. While pricey there's a reason... very well made and thought out, in particular the beak proof mesh, the main selling point. I initially purchased the full featured one not aware of these. I liked the full featured one, but my Amazon does not need the covers for the mesh. Since a baby he's slept on his stand at the foot of my then our bed. For my purposes the flaps were unnecessary and the way the roof goes takes away some view. For our Blue Fronted Amazon, who is a little bigger than average, the full featured product fit excellently. I bought this one as it provides more mesh and a more open experience for the bird. The key features of removable droppings plastic and cup holder options are there but, for my purposes, the toy hanger, flaps and such are not there. The fit is right on the line, frankly. There is just barely, but still acceptable, clearance for tail feathers and head. The full featured product does have more room. But this product still allows back or front pack option and will be my product of choice for outings. I'd gladly recommend this product for average size Amazons and smaller birds along with the bird's disposition to not need darkness or draft protection should you use this for more than an hour (for fear, displinary or health reasons).

  4. Perfect for Red Breasted Cockatoo

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2017

    I have been purchasing Celltei bird carriers for over a decade now and have always been impressed with their products. I have a Red Breasted Cockatoo (Galah) who requires a lot of room for his head feathers, tail feathers, and room to turn around. The Medium Birdie GoGo is perfect for him. There is screening all around to allow him to see what's going on. The shoulder straps are perfect for wearing the carrier in front of me (with straps crossed in back), but I prefer to carry him with the top handle since I mostly take him shopping with me. In the car, I use a strap through the top handle to attach around the back car seat. Then I place the carrier in the shopping cart (along with a double Pak-o-Bird turned sideways for my greys), and we can enjoy each other while I shop at the hardware stores (or other stores that allow birds). The bottom panel is removable for cleaning. The double zippered front opens completely so I don't have to fit him inside a small opening. There are holes for attaching two removable bowls for treats/water. I am happy with this purchase.

  5. great carrier

    Posted by dee s on 18th May 2017

    introduced this to my smallish African grey slowly, and have used it a few times, so far, absolutely GREAT!, the natural branch perch can be adjusted to 3 levels, 2 cups for water and food, 2 rings to hang chewies or toys. cleans easily with damp cloth, light weight, and I just discovered the bottom can be removed for cleaning . it has an open air design, plenty of ventilation, and lots of screen for your buddy to see you thru and vice versa.. the straps are long, as pointed out by others, but this can be resolved by crisscrossing the straps or wearing the bag in front, kangaroo style, instead of on the back. and front wearing allows for more interaction as well. also has strap on top to hand carry, I was concerned about closing with an overhead flap, thought this might cause some flight or fear from MAX, but that wasn't the case, he is adjusting well to the carrier , and is already asking to "go for a ride" .
    this is 100X better than his last carrier, that got chewed up and eventually the zipper broke, it had no perch or food cups. hopefully being able to hang toys and other things to tear up will keep him from doing damage to the actual carrier. wonderful product, thank you,

  6. The back pack straps are too too long for me

    Posted by TOI Ayana on 14th Jan 2017

    I'm only 5'.0" tall and your backpack straps are way too long after I had adjusted the length. This does not serve the purpose of having a backpack when I had to remove the straps and carry my bird around in a light and beautiful carrier instead. Is there anyway you can replace it with shorter straps for shorter people? Thank you

    [Reply from Celltei]:
    The Birdie GoGo is made as a front carrier so the straps are supposed to cross on your back. If you want to use this design as backpack, please contact us (tel: 1-718-388-8882 or email: or put a comment when you check out so that we can contact you.

  7. Great Design, But straps too large

    Posted by Violet Powell on 1st Oct 2016

    I've wanted a Bird pack for so long. I finaly saved up and chose this new model for its simplicity. The design is great, the birds can see out, it comes with the perch and they were nice enough to add two toy loops on the inside. (I agree this should be standard as birds like to chew). The handle on top is nice also.
    My complaint is that the straps are just huge. I'm an average size girl and even with the straps pulled as small as they go I'm swimming in it, I can't get the pack to sit secure on my back and the thing jostles all around so the birds don't like when I walk with it. I'm really disappointed because it defeats the whole purpose of a backpack, now I just have a carrier. It's a 5 star product but I'm so disappointed for the price I paid that I can't walk with it on my back I don't think I would have purchased it if I knew that. I would be interested in knowing if there were a smaller set of straps I could swap out.


    Posted by Noelani on 14th Sep 2016

    This is the best carrier design is very hip, colors are vibrant, I love it, my Ahinahina loves it, he spends a lot of time in this bag while we are at work, I rate this product a 10. In the future need a hanger for toys but I bring a toy and open up the backpack clip on a toy and my baby just goes for it maybe for future design add a toy hook other then that this product is awesome I travelled with it and got many many many compliments it's a little to high for the smaller planes. It it works
    Thank you will be buying another one soon
    Aloha Noelani & Ahinahina

  9. Very well made, but concerned about one Velcro point

    Posted by Jessica Parsley on 25th Aug 2016

    I think these are very well made and received great customer service through the whole process.

    I will say that there is one Velcro point that I have concern over. It is the Velcro point in the very front that closes the bag. If this Velcro fails, which it will if you use the carrier a lot, then it will leave an opening for your parrot to wiggle out. On the BirdieGoGos, the Velcro points are not in places where you would need to open and close them a lot (e.g. you may open them to deep clean it, but you are not opening it to take your parrot in and out of the bag).

    In any case, it still seems like a great carrier.

  10. Very light

    Posted by Karen Dorman on 13th Jun 2016

    My Kibbitz loves it. Lots of mesh for him to view through. Light weight for me. The only suggestion I have is there needs to be a place to have toys. I was very disappointed that there were no rings for toys.

  11. Birdie GoGo

    Posted by Karen on 7th May 2016

    This is a very comfortable back pack; very light and well made. My African Grey thinks it's very delicious. After 4 uses she has eaten away the canvas from one of the vertical seams. I think this product needs two small hooks on the top to hang a toy from each side. This would have deterred her interest in the backpack itself.


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