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When Edstrom discontinued the square shaped water bottle we first modelled after in our Pak-o-Bird line, we found Lixit's no leak water bottle as the only answer in the market. We wished Edstrom would re-consider but our purchase quantity was way too small. For nearly 10 years, Lixit's 10 oz water bottle has been working well with our design.

Started by Dr. Frank Atchley in 1968 in his garage, Lixit Corporation is now the largest small animal watering device manufacturer in the world. It offers services in metal fabrication, injection molding, blow molding, silk screening, metal finishing, rubber molding, tool and die design, and engineering and product design.

Do you know the Ball Point tube watering device for animals was introduced by Lixit in 1969?

Dr. Atchley retired in 1994 and his employees purchased the company through an Employee Stock Ownership Trust Fund. With over 54,000 square feet of factory, office and warehouse over three locations, Lixit pet products are marketed under 30 different labels.

Lixit is a friendly business to work with. It is amazing how the various small products can sum up to a great company!

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