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Green Winged Macaws

Based on their average size, we have listed the large macaws and the suggested Pak-o-Bird size as follows:

  • The 28" Large size Pak-o-Bird
    - Military Macaws
    - Red Fronted Macaws
  • The 34" XL size Pak-o-Bird
    - Blue and Gold Macaws
    - Blue Throated Macaws
    Golden Macaws
  • The 38" XL size Pak-o-Bird
    - Scarlet Macaws
    - Buffon's Macaws
    - Green Winged Macaws
    - Hyacinth Macaws

For the Hybrids including the more common Catalina Macaws (Blue and Gold with Scarlet), Harlequin Macaws (Blue and Gold with Green-winged) and Ruby (Scarlet with Green Winged), please measure the bird to determine the right size.

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