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Pablo, the Happiest Parrot

"This is Pablo, the happiest Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot"
(Photo courtesy of Pablo's Bird Toys in Australia)

We first knew Yumi Ishikawa, the founder of Pablo’s Bird Toys in Australia, as a customer who travels often with her birds. Look at Pablo's picture here; happy and free in the open taking a mist shower.

Since five years old, Yumi has been living with birds. She has a lot of knowledge about their behavior and needs. In addition to Pablo who loves attention and is very socialable, she has three cockatiels Chibihi, Kochan and Yuki. Chibihi trusts people and loves to be wrapped in hands. Her son Kochan talks and sings in Japanese and Yuki is the boss and rules everyone in the family.

As we review the selected toys and explain them, we realize how truly talented Yumi is in capturing nature in the toy designs.   The use of good quality natural materials, the form, shape and colors, all matters.  Yet, the ability and intuition in making a toy that resembles what the birds see in nature matter more.  That is a good DESIGN.  Many toys make a great decoration to your living room.  Pablo and other birds are very lucky, you can see how healthy and happy they are in Pablo's Bird Toys' facebook page. Like many long time parrot owners, Yumi also recognizes how little time many captive parrots get to be outside of their cages and play with the family. She designs many toys not only to enrich birds but also to reach out to other birds that need help. For every Pablo's bird toy sold, one Australian dollar is donated to the World Parrot Trust for the conservation of wild parrots.  So SHOP FOR CONSERVATION!

Since 2013, Yumi has been kind enough to take on our products and re-sell them to her customers. We admire her beautiful toys for years but only in early 2021 that it dawns on us that we should import from Australia and share these beautiful and functional toys with our customers too. Enjoy!

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