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(Photo courtesy of Molly's Bird Toys)

Molly’s Bird Toys is a small family run business located in sunny Southern California.  All the toys are handmade in California with safe and non-toxic materials.  We are specially intrigued by the very intricate, creative, colorful and detailed designs.  These toys are fun for the bird and people. They decorate nicely and give warmth to the cage and playing area    

Their very first customer was, of course, Molly, a cockatiel.    When the owner Christine met Molly, the bird was only a few weeks old and believed to be a female.  But shortly after 'her' first molt, a dark orange patch showed up on Mollly's cheeks.  Oh well, Molly was a boy but the name was too well registered in Christine's heart to have it changed by then!  

Because of a few times in his first two years that Molly got very sick from lead poisoning, Christine decided to make changes to his cage and started making toys for Molly.  Molly loved the toys we made for him (yes-him) so much that we began making toys for his neighborhood friends.  One thing led to another, Molly soon has his own company and endless supplies of new bird toys.

Molly remains healthy and strong and he is the love of my life.  Fortunately the lead poisoning didn’t have any permanent effect on his neurological function.  He loves to take showers and likes to eat spinach, egg whites, carrots, lima beans and of course beak appetite. He hates the turtles in the movie "Finding Nemo", the jingle in the Toys R Us commercial, and plastic bags.

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