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In 1999, our founder picked Style Living Corp. as the company name with the dream to build a business with products that enable people to "live in style", not one particular style promoted by big company but a style most desired by each individual.

In the initial year, we tried a few products including the elegant Ming Style Chinese furniture and antiques, trendy novelty products, cellphone accessories and electronics. Celltei® was registered as trademark first for a new line of cellular phone accessories. Starting the business of pet products was incidental. See How Celltei started?.

The success of selling the very first and only pet backpack design in 2001 gave us confidence. In the following year, we traveled extensively to shows all over the US and Canada to introduce our products and understand what pet owners wanted. In order to develop the many designs particularly one for parrots, we decided to build our own factory in Hong Kong in the fall of 2003 and started launching a complete line of pet travel carriers.  See The Fourth Year.

Four years later, we renovated our Brooklyn office and started providing after sale services and making the Celltei Paws design first in the US. See The Seventh Year.  In 2010, we took a bold move and had our entire production moved to a new premises in Brooklyn. With every business function from design to distribution under one roof, we continue to make original, unique and functional products. See The Tenth Year.

Many creative minds, talented hands and hardworking souls continue to contribute to the evolving Celltei business. We have started to broaden our products to include regular travel goods. We take enormous pride in what we do. We hope you will continue to find new and exciting Celltei products that fit your need.

We are proud to have received numerous awards and been granted two US Patents: one for our Backpack-o-pet design and one for our Pak-o-Bird design.

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