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Celltei Custom Designs

Each pet is unique, particularly yours.   Over the years, we have worked with many pet owners and created amazing products for particular needs.   Creativity has no trend!

The cost of a custom carrier depends on the design's complexity, labor cost and materials used. It usually takes 3-6 weeks after all detatiled are confirmed.   All products are made in USA.   We do not accept project to duplicate products made by other company.


We will review the order and may call you with questions or comments about the selections.   Once the order is confirmed, we will take 50% as a deposit. The balance and shipping fee will be processed when we ship the order.

Please call us 1-718-388-8882 to discuss if you have any questions or specific needs. Custom-made items are not returnable nor refundable. However, we can have it posted in our Trading Post page to help you sell it.

   Ordering a Custom Carrier
  1. Browse and pick a Base Model
  2. Add the Hand-cut fee (currently $80)
  3. Click and pick Modifications:
    1. Change size $50/dimension
    2. Surface Material & Color $30~$150
    3. Interior Material & Color $30~$50
    4. Mesh Type & Color $30
    5. Trims Materials $50~$80
    6. Change Strap & Switch Side $30~$50
    7. Modify Pockets & Storage $20~$80
    8. Expand Length/Width/Height $40~$90
    9. Modify to Meet Requirement $80
    10. Change Entrance Style $50~$80
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