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Celltei's First Macaw carrier design

Prototype of first Pak-o-Bird

When we were approached to make a macaw carrier in 2003, we had little knowledge about birds.  The only bird related item we had then was a petite dog carrier with a perch tray inside.   

Celltei's First Bird Item

First Bird Related Design

After a lot of research and studies, the one macaw carrier was developed into a line of full-featured light-weight travel carrier for all birds that we named Pak-o-Bird.

Many people from around the world have shared the stories about their birds. Indeed, birds are very special family members.  Their ability to enhance our lives is at a more indepht level and we have to earn it.

In 2011, we launched the "intimate" Birdie Pouch design that let people be the "walking trees" for their birds.  The "snap and go" Birdie GoGo design coming out this spring (2016) addresses the demand for a simplified design with vivid color choices mostly for short trips. Click Compare Designs for a comparison of the three designs.

Celltei's Fluffy and Sunshine

Late last year, two little guys found their way to us.  We named them Fluffy and Sunshine.  They regularly make our callers laugh or annoy the hack out of them as they compete for attention with their loud voice.  They do, however, earn their keep by making sure no one can doze off after lunch!  We probably need to expand our invention to include first a "Birdie Toupee" for their frequent landing to an unexpected staff's head.

We greatly appreciate all the help and advice many bird lovers shared to perfect our design. You can read about the details in the "Designer Notes" tab for each products. We do need your continued support by not buying knock-offs from a former vendor in U.K. and the seller(s) at China-based sites.

Spread the words, let it be known that it is possible to go places with the birds comfortably and safely with a Celltei bag!

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