How Celltei Started?

Sai Kung, Hong Kong

Who Designs Celltei's Products?

Unzhizhi has been the driving force behind the entire development of Celltei® products for pets (and their owners). With love, I observe her movements and reactions to her environment and gain more and more insight into a pet's needs. Also, at various shows, many pet owners generously share their interests with me, further expanding my knowledge of other animals. Here is our story.

Dynamic Duo: Angie & Unzhizhi

Armed with a post-graduate degree and years of experience in financial markets, I returned to my native Hong Kong to realize a wish to do meaningful, progressive work related to the development of China which I had toured for a month during my days as an undergrad. While living and working in Hong Kong, I found a Yorkie who has become so very dear to me.

Unzhizhi was limping along on a cold, rainy night when I spotted her as I was rushing home. I brought her back to my apartment to dry her off and to take care of her until her owner came to claim her, but the person never surfaced. We became very attached to each other. I yielded to her nagging and became her sleeping cushion.

Her dejected expression made me feel guilty every time I left her behind at home. Some nights I wouldn't make it home from work until midnight, yet she'd still jump for joy and want to slobber all over me with a welcoming kiss. I made sure to include her in my outdoor activities whenever and wherever possible.

Despite her small size (4.5 lbs. back in Hong Kong and 6 lbs. after she immigrated to the United States), she amazed me with her strength. I was annoyed by her curious looks when I'd catch my breath after a steep climb. HK has breathtakingly beautiful hiking trails and I am proud to say she covered a good majority of them.

I worked as a banking analyst for a major US credit rating agency. To facilitate key analysts' participation in rating committee meetings via teleconference from different parts of the world, some conference calls couldn't start until midnight HK time so I'd often be taking the calls at home. Once, some noises from a neighbor's apartment ignited Unzhizhi's loud barking right in the middle of an serious conference call. It was really embarrassing, but a colleague of mine in Chicago quipped, "Was that [bark] a BBB-, BBB or BBB+?" And everybody cracked up. So, Unzhizhi did earn her keep!

Forever missed

She flew home with me to New York City in the fall of 1999. The onset of the boom had lured me out of the corporate world. After a few unsuccessful start-up ventures, it dawned on me that many people came up to me and praised the carriers I made and used. Why don't I give the pet product business a whirl, I figured? From our numerous outdoor trips, whether it was a casual stroll around NYC or mountain biking in NJ, we found ways to improve our initial designs to make our carriers compact, comfortable, and stylish (Please see the Development page to see how our designs evolved). Many pet lovers we met at shows also told us their needs and ideas. Now my head is spinning with good ideas (in my opinion) for other pet products, but I have little time to execute them. We will do it slowly but surely, provided we don't get pushed off the map by the big guys!

I sincerely hope you will have as much fun going out with your pet as I do with my Unzhizhi! We will continue to bring quality products for your beloved companions. Feel free to email us with any comments or suggestions at


ps. Unzhizhi has taken an early retirement in heaven on July 2, 2011. As the smallest member of the family, she always got served the best at the dinner table and seafood had been her favorite. We traveled far. She lost her eyesight and hearing in her last year but somehow she found her way to come to the door to greet me on days that I would just leave her home to sleep without the disturbances at work. She had prepared me for her departure. I surely hope we would meet again perhaps sitting at the edge of clouds and speak about the silly thing we had done. I am a rather active person and it may be hard to believe, I must admit that she had out-run me on a short distance spin. Love them, they are precious!

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