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Have your thought about your pets in case of emergency?
There have been frequent occurrences of natural disasters and extreme weather conditions in recent years. Are we ready to evacuate with our dogs, cats, birds or small animals with short notice? We saw family decided to stay behind because of their pets during Hurricane Katrina and now Hurricane Sandy. Let's just prepare ahead of time for these unexpected events instead of risking ours and other people lives when we need to be rescued.

We have received more inquires about suitable carriers for transporting pets during emergency from taking a big dog down fire escape stair to transporting big birds in case of hurricane evacuation.

Ideally, you should be hands-free and have your pet in a backpack you can manage (not too heavy and not to be obstructed along the evacuation route). Train your pet in advance to get in the backpack quickly. Here are few standard designs for your consideration:

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