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Our best friends come in all sizes.  In general, with dogs in mind, we use weight to infer the body size and develop the following five basic carrier sizes:

Petite - up to 3 lbs (1.4 kg) tea-cup size 

XS - 3 to 5 lbs (1.4 to 2.3 kg) toy size 

Small - 5 to 8 lbs (2.3 to 3.6 kg) pet size 

Medium - 8 to 15 lbs (3.6 to 6.8 kg) size

Large - 15 to 24 lbs (6.8 to 12.9 kg) size

XL - 24 to 35 lbs (12.9 to 15.9 kg) size


Yet, what matters most is the body size of the dogs.  For example, a 26 lbs stocky French bull dog can comfortably fit into the large size but a long-legged 15 lbs poodle may opt for the large size.  Our dogs love to go places with us.   Once they associate the carrier with "going out", they would even jump into a plastic shopping bag.  We are alwasys nicely surprised by how a fluffy big can fit into a carrier half of its perceived size.  

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