Double Bird Carrier for a Cockatiel and a Love Bird who don't get along


Custom Made for a Corckatiel and a lover bird that may not get along
Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird Double (18" L x 10" x 14" H)
Material & Trims: Blue 1680 Denier Nylon
Lining & Mesh: Grey with stainless steel mesh
Reference Model: PB002
- two cups position on each side; include four cups
- perch position at 6" 7" and 8" above floor
- two 9" perch of 0.7" and 0.5" diameter
- one 18" curved perch
- Monogram: "Poncho & Amélie" in Gold color

Date Completed:    November 2015

Begin with:

Just wondering if it would be possible to have a custom pack o bird made for two small parrots who don't get along, a cockatiel and a love bird, and if so how much it would be.

Yes, it is possible. Because the cockatiel’s long tail, we need the small size height and width.   We can have one made as 18” Long (9” compartment for each bird) x 10” Deep x 14” High.

We would like it in gold with the black on gold monogram "Poncho & Amélie" on the front.  Are the perches set permanently or can we change them as needed?

The divider is removable so are the perches. We could put in a long perch as well for you to use at time when you find the two birds are getting along just fine.
We can pick and create a slight curved long 18" perch so that the bird has more room/privacy between them just in case :-).