CLB (Bolivia)

CLB Logo, Conservation of the Bolivian Parrots

Established in 2011, Conservación del Loro Boliviano ("CLB Foundation") is a legally established NGO in Bolivia. Their mission is to generate a positive impact on conservation with the aim of preserving the diversity of parrots in Bolivia and maintaining sustainable wild populations. This will ensure that the species will continue to thrive for current and future generations.

In 2021, we were lucky enough to be part of a small group organized by Phoenix Landing for a bird eco-tour in Bolivia.  Led by an amazing field researcher and scientist Jose Antonio Diaz Luque, we were able to find and see the habitats of the endangered Blue Throated Macaws and Red fronted Macaws amongst many other parrot species.  Jose devoted many years sleeping under uncovered canopy, wading over shadowed rivers inhabited with  dangerous wildlife, befriended with local ranchers and farmers and know his parrots in Bolivia well.  He would say "they are coming" (just by hearing)  and named the parrot species and there they were landed on a remote palm tree feasting or playing.  We needed to act quick to follow and catch a glimpse before they flow off again.  Jose started CLB, ran it, trained and established all that necessary to make CLB impactful.  Jose is taking a break for advanced education.  He is invaluable to parrots in Bolivia.  We trust that he will resume an even more important role in time to come!

Although the infrastructure needs to be improved a lot to bring in eco-tourists, Bolivia is in very good spot for parrots conservation.  To begin with, Bolivians love and value their land and the many wildlife.  This tour enables us to firm up our understanding that conversation must start with support to local communities.  Since the tour, we have been supporting various CLB efforts:

  • Provided $1000 funding through Phoenix Landing for a gated garden with particular flowers and plants (the "Pollination Garden").  In an effort to improve local communities' income, CLB is introducing to local farmers an indigenous bees that produce high value medicinal honey.  Other high value plants and vegetables can be introduced at a later time.
  • Provided additional $122.56 (B$853) funding needed to support the Mango Festival that promotes local Mango produces and related products.
  • On-going support by making purchases from various communities art and craft items.  See the very beautiful hand embroidered throw pillow covers.  SHOP FOR CONSERVATION - Three US Dollars (US$3) is provided to CLB for every pillow cover purchased.

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