C-2. Entrance Style

Pet Carrier is an Animal's Den

Un-zhi-zhi (a local slang in Hong Kong means very tiny) was our first pet and the original Celltei backpack was first made for. This web page offers many entrance styles but she needed none of them. She just hopped in and out from the same top opening she looked out. A stable and comfortable pet carrier will become your pet's den!

Having said that, we do want to give our pet a good experience from the beginning. For example, a poodle with very long leg may not want to crawl in from the standard side door that is half its height. A carrier with a top opening may make the introduction easier.

We assume most people are right-handed, many of our standard designs have the fully open door side on the left (when facing the carrier) and the half-open window side on the left. However, for agility dogs, we will have to switch the sides because they are trained to go in and turn around before laying down. For show dogs, some would prefer the top-open design so to avoid messing up the dogs' hair style!

Use your intuition and pick the style that best match the design you have in mind. With good travel experiences, your pet will be excited every time he or she sees you taking the carrier out.


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