A Bird Carrier for Two that Matches the colors of a African Grey and a Senegal

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for David (African Grey) and Solomon (Senegal)

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird for two


  1. Hand cut fee (waived)
  2. Material & Trims: 1680D Grey color Nylon, with red and lime green color highlight on left and right size respectively +$50
  3. Lining & Mesh: Grey
  4. Perch position: Facing the carrier, 5" on left and 7" on right
  5. Wide panels extend to the middle 1/2" instead of 1"
  6. Facing the carrier:
    - on the left side: Red color highlights on awning, piping, side panel bars
    - on the right size, Lime green color highlights on awning, piping, side panel bars (if such color webbing materials is available)+$50
  7. Front flap color trim in red color (same body materials)
  8. Monogramme in Red and Lime Green color (Facing the carrier) +$50:
    - on the left side: David (metallic silver color)
    - on the right size: Solomon (metallic gold color)

"Michael posed for us when he picked up the carrier (... wait) in a "African Grey" outfit (that the same grey and red colors"). We joked that which bird is drawing more of his attention. He later called and let us know both David and Solomon accepted and loved the carrier right the way."


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