Airline Bird Carrier with a divider for two Parrotlets

Made to order in 3-4 weeks
Celltei Airline Carrier for Two Parrotlets

"Parrotlets Ole and Lena travel together"
(Photo courtesy of Josh B.)

In-Cabin Airline Pet Carrier with a Divider
Special Made for: Parrotlets Ole and Lena
Base Model & Size: In-cabin Airline Bird Carrier
Material & Trims: 1680 Denier Nylon Olive Green color
Lining & Mesh: Grey interior lining with Stainless Steel mesh


  1. Add Hand-Cut Fee
  2. Dimension:     16" L x 10.5" W x 11.75" H
  3. Add a removable divider in the center
  4. Add monograms:   Ole in Yellow color and Lena in light blue
  5. Add loops in the back for strapping the carrier to car seat

Date Completed:    June 2011

Begin With:

I really like the utility and quality of the XS carrier I just received, so I'm going ahead with this custom airline carrier. Please note the items below. [ Answer in blue]

  1. Stainless steel mesh?     Yes.
  2. Perches?     Two.
  3. Food cups?     Two.
  4. Water bottle hole(s)?     We can add two, one on each side. The water bottle is sold separately.
  5. What are the dimensions of the two bird compartments?     Standard carrier without the tail pouch is 16” long. Each compartment is about 8”.
  6. How is the separator inside attached? Is it permanent or removable?     It is attached by velcro and is removable.
  7. Is there a d-ring on the back of the carrier? If not, would you please add one? I want to ensure that I have one for seatbelt attachment.     Do you mean the two webbing loops in XS size? We should be able to add them.
  8. It appears there is a handle on the top of the carrier, could you confirm this for me?     Yes.
  9. Does the carrier also have a shoulder strap? I can use the shoulder strap from my XS carrier, but I would like the ability to attach the shoulder strap to this carrier as a second carrying option.     Yes.
  10. Celltei Airline Carrier for Two Parrotlets

    "Parrotlets Ole and Lena travel together"
    (Photo courtesy of Josh B.)

  11. Please do not include the stainless steel cups. I would like to use my own. Please adjust the price accordingly.    Yes, we can deduct from the price.
  12. I would like my bird names on the front fold down flap. Since this is for two birds, I would like "Ole" to the left in yellow, and I would like "Lena" embroidered to the right in blue. Please let me know if there are font options to choose from.     You can send us your sample of fonts and we will ask the embroidery company if they can find something that match them. Blue on Green may not be as noticeable. Perhaps light blue?
  13. How much would it cost to embroider the "Give me freedom or give me treats" emblem/picture on the front curtain? Do you have other designs (bird pictures) that I can choose from?     It is $45 for full color. It was our first selection of birds and when time permits, we may depict the character of other birds and add a few more choices.
End With:

I am happy with the purchases! (Please see Review)

Josh B.