An Incognito design for a Male Sheltie to be 15 to 18 lbs

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 18 lbs Sheltie

Base Model and Size: Celltei Paws
Material & Trims: Cordura(R) Sand color
Lining & Mesh: Khaki lining & beige mesh
Reference Model: CP003
1) Dimension: 19" L x 9.5" W x 10.5 H (about 12"
including the webbing trim)
2) Cover: zipper closure with one side of the cover attached to the right side of the bag (the back side when the bag is being carried on the right shoulder) and zip around the opposite side. A cover flap on the outside.
3) Two large pockets in the front with the gold pipping (two large crystal buttons provided by the customer)
4) A match gold color Round ring connecting the bag to the shoulder strap
5) drape down cover on the side, with left side of the bag with mesh opening, the right side mesh close. The left side of the bag is the side that faces forward on the bag is being carried on the right shoulder
6) Drop-down length is 10" - measure from the middle.
7) No security leash needed
8) Add gold support feet on the bottom
9) Monogram in Gold - PaRay's Paramount


Start with:  Please mirror specifications used for custom carrier Made for Nars; mine is a male Sheltie. He is a puppy right now but I anticipate weight 15-18 lbs. .. Tamara

Celltei:  Just to confirm that Nars is a very well-trained dog and will claw inside this small carrier upon command. Your male Sheltie will be a few pounds heavier and possibly bigger in size. The lining, buttons and trims used for Nars was provided to us. We can provide a khaki brown or sand color nylon lining instead and the trims but as to the two buttons, you want to check out craft stores like "Michael" and send us the buttons of your choice?

Tamara:  I found Swarovski Chrystal buttons that are a little over 1”. Will those buttons be too big?

Celltei:  the bag is quite big, 1” button is just fine. We need the type that is stitched/hand-sewn on?

Tamara:  Perfect!

Celltei:  Our quick snapped picture above does not do justice to the finished bag. With the crystal button and gold trims, it shins like 'diamond'!