Backpack Pet Carrier expandable into a luxurious airline hotel for a 30 lb French Bull Dog flying first class from London to New York

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

To help a customer bringing a nearly 30 lb. French bull dog from UK to NYC comfortably, this is what we came up with. It is one of the most challenging design we have so far.

Base model: Active Backpack-o-Pet large size 


  1. Hand cut fee 
  2. Body material: Microfiber in pink with crocodile print with black trimming
  3. Interior lining - beige color 
  4. floor padding - faux fur in pink/red heart 
  5. expandable back compartment extension +
  6. headrest pillow - one of 11.5" long and one matches the length of the extended back compartment - about 2" high 
  7. two detachable side extensions that turn into a handbag for storing food 
  8. Dimension: see drawing above