Bird Stroller for Pan, Puck and Jeffrey - two female Citron Crested Cockatoos and a Blue & Gold Macaw

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for three birds - two citron crested cockatoos and a Blue and Gold

After much discussion and obtaining some measurements, here are the packages:

  • Pak-o-Bird - Medium size with stainless steel mesh with wide panels set and Monogram, each added a velcro strap for attaching to the handle bar of the double stroller - so it does not matter which carrier will be placed on top
  • Pak-o-Bird 38" in Blue Cordura® fabric with monogram in gold color
  • Bought and reconfigured a double stroller to fit all three bird carrier - two medium on one side and XL size on the other - with two straps for strapping the carrier to the frame

Start with:
"I am inquiring about a custom order. I have 3 parrots; 1 male blue and gold (Jeffery), and 2 female citron crested cockatoos (Puck and Pan). And of course, none of them really get along. My first question, is there a discount for buying multiple carriers at the same time? My custom ideas: I need a carrier for Jeffery especially as transporting him is a pain. I was hoping for a teal color for a Large to XL carrier, fully featured. Also two separate medium carriers for Puck and Pan. I was hoping for white for one and yellow for the other, also fully featured and most likely steel mesh. Now here is the more tricky part, although I can understand if it is not possible. I would like a stroller/cart that can carry all three birds, as if I had triplets, preferably all in a horizontal line, as in next to each other. But I would consider having them be behind each other. An idea I had, is to use three separate strollers and somehow attach them together so that all 3 can be taken out, but also have the option of detaching one of the strollers to take only one or two birds out. I was thinking this could be accomplished with fabric and Velcro. " .. Jessica [We ship out Jeffrey's carrier without taking a picture, hopefully Jessica will send one to us soon.]