Blue and Gold Macaw Airline Pet Carrier for United Airlines

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a blue and gold travel on United Airlines
Base Model and Size: Airline carrier
Material & Trims: Blue 1680-Denier nylon
Lining & Mesh: Stainless steel body - folded portion of the tail pouch is nylon
1) Change length to 18"
2) Change material to blue 1680D
3) Add Monogram - "Grover" in Gold color


Start with:  Can you give me the exact measurements for the airline carrier for a scarlet macaw ? ...Michele

Celltei:  It is 23” x 10.5” W x 11.75” H (compressible height). The 23” was the maximum allowed by American Airlines a few years back but we can reduce the length to the max the airlines you plan to fly with allows. There was a “secret” tail pouch and you may want to pick a seat or be nice to your neighbor that let you take up some of their space when you unfolded the tail pouch after on-board… The portion that is made for the foldable pouch is just regular nylon fabric so it is chewable but then Macaw can if they are determined to chew up “anything” … So, please determine if this airline carrier is suitable based on your bird..

Michele:  I am flying United and their measurements are 18x11x11 so, is the 23 include the tail pouch opened?

Celltei:  The one we made was 23” body plus a tail pouch of about 11” (it is about the height as it folded up”. Scarlet, as you know, their full body size can be 30+ long. Let say you have the body made at 18” plus 11”, the bird’s tail would still need to curl around …

Michele:  Okay, it is for a Blue and Gold Macaw. So, if you do 18 inches and then he had to tail pouch...that would be okay? I would like to order soon. How much more would a different color cost and any longer for delivery? I would like it to be blue and his name on it.

Celltei:  It will take about 3 weeks. This link shows one customized for a Grey in blue color fabric: . We can probably do a monogram in Gold or other color you like. Pls add $58 ($30 fabric change plus $28 for monogram).

Michele:  Love the color!