Bringing Sherlock, a 18 lb. terrier mix , home to the US from South Korea

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 18.5 lb. Terrier mix with a 17" height
Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet - large
Material & Trims: Black Cordura
Lining & Mesh: Black with black netted
Reference Model: CM18684
0) Hand cut fee
1) Modified structure and increase width to 14"
2) add a 4" one-side expansion
3) add height expansion of 4"


Start with:  (Amanda placed an order on line for a large size backpack-o-pet with both length and height expansion and commented) I'm using this carrier to travel from South Korea to the U.S. I'll need as lightweight a design as possible (his weight is pushing the in cabin pet weight limit as it is.) I also need to make sure the top has enough flexibility to fit under the seats. It would also be great if you could minimize the amount of external pockets, I'd like the exterior as "trim" as possible. This carrier is for a 18.5 lb Terrier mix with a 17 inch height. .. Amanda

Celltei:  We emailed pictures of CM18684 and commented: The front pocket of this design is eliminated. We can keep the side pockets. In order to make it expandable in height, a separate piece is added as well as the support panels. Is your dog generally calm or excited? Does he has a lot of hair?

Amanda:  Sherlock is generally calm. His fur is going to get a bit longer within the next few months, maybe one or two inches longer (this picture is from when he was shaved), but nothing overly puffy. His body itself measures just over 20 inches, so maybe we can change the length of the carrier to 21 inches? I just want to be sure that his legs fit comfortably when he's lying down... Amanda

Celltei:  Yes, he’s tall and certainly looks much bigger than a 17/18 lbs dog. The 20” length should be fine. Have you tried putting him in a box. What is the width and the length of his current carrier?

Amanda:  His current carrier is 22 inches long and 14 inches wide.

Celltei:  To reduce weight of the carrier for airline travel, you can remove the floor tray set and backpack strap. Just attach the floor pad from the floor tray to the floor. We also made a second pair of the support panels in half of the thickness (and weight). For regular use, the original set should be used to give the over all carrier more support.