Carrying a 36 lbs. Sha Pei in Style with an expandable carrier

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a mini Sha Pei weighs about 36 lbs.

Base Model and Size: Classic Pak-o-Pet in L size 
Material & Trims: Checker polyester with Olive leather trims
Lining & Mesh: Grey Lining with black netted mesh

0) Hand cut fee 
1) Increase Height to 20" 
2) Increase Width to 15"
3) Add 6" expandable to window size and 3" expandable to door size 
4) Full mesh on the door size with vertical leather strip
5) Add Detachable backpack strap
6) Add leather trim to webbing handle and cushion 
7) With extra comfort shoulder strap 
8) Use silver color metal fastener 
9) Weight modification requirement
10) no feet
11) Fluffy Floor Pad 
12) Monogram "Big Z" in Silver