Elegant Pet Carrier with Detachable Backpack for a 12 lb. Chihuahua and Jack Russell Mix

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Start with: I was interested in the camouflage backpack in the "tailoring" section of the website, but was wondering if it would be possible to make it in the red silk brocade fabric as in the red lunar and precious tote a pet, and use either faux leather or some other material in place of the leather. I like the styling of the pockets of the red lunar in that they are all fabric and the seams are lined. Currently, I am using a pack o pet in size medium. I wanted to get a dedicated backpack, as Yoda can get a little heavy on longer trips, or when doing a lot of walking. My little girl, Yoda, is a chihuahua/jack Russell terrier mix, and comes along nearly everywhere. She weighs 12 pounds and is almost 10 inches tall at the shoulder and is around 14 inches from chest to rear. She is comfortable riding along in bags and could do with a little smaller than her current medium. The height and depth of her current bag are great, but she doesn't need all of the length. She likes to ride either sitting with her head sticking out of the middle pocket, or just curled up lying down. What are the dimensions of the backpack? Yoda might be able to fit without altering the dimensions. I like the style as shown, and was mainly interested in altering the fabric."

Feedback: "The custom bag arrived today. It is beautiful! You and your team did an excellent job. Thanks again for your help. Yoda is very comfortable in her new bag."

Base model: Precious Pak-o-Pet medium 


  1. Hand cut fee 
  2. Dimensions - Reduce length by 1.5" to 15" L x 10.5" W x 11.75" H 
  3. Material: Burgundy Chinese flower brocade used for precious Tote-o-Pet but with burgundy color leather trims
  4. Front pocket closure uses hand-sewn Chinese button like the lunar red open top one 
  5. Elegant detachable backpack strap like the custom - made Tote 
  6. Short cushioned horizontal handle
  7. Detachable shoulder strap 
  8. Flat zipper closure pocket in the back 
  9. One zipper pocket on each side 
  10. Back pocket flap for car seat belt to strap through