Elegant Pet Tote in Unique Red Egyptian Print for a toy poodle

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Start with: LaToya first visited us in the summer of 2004 to buy a carrier for the pet she was going to here. Like a good mom, LaToya had done a lot of homework in preparation for the arrival of new dog. She wrote us later and stated "...My new 2 lb toy poodle, Madison, finally arrived and he simply loves it. He lays in it even when we are at home. The XS size is perfect for him and after I sprayed a little Bitter Apple on it, we both are happy campers... The quality and style is simply unprecedented." When LaToya visited us the second time in December looking for a bigger size for Madison, she immediately spotted the prototype of Fantasia Tote-o-pet in Red Egyptian print that we felt may be too heavy for this shoulder bag design and didn't put in production. She fell in love with it and kindly let us take a picture before heading home with Madison in the new tote."

Ended with: I just wanted to send you a quick email to sincerely thank you for this BEAUTIFUL bag that I purchased on New Year's Eve. I've included a picture of him in it although, I'm hoping to get a better shot of him in it soon. I have gotten nothing to but compliments since I started carrying it. I'm so glad that I stuck to my guts and came back to you for my next bag. I honestly believe that you are the most thoughtful designer around. No one makes a dog carrier like Celltei!!

Base Model: Classic Tote-o-Pet Small size $219


  1. Hand cut fee +$80
  2. Red Color PVC embossed with Egyptian print and metallic red leather strap (limited quantity available) +$80
  3. Weight: 3 lb. 8 oz.

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