Fashionable Incognito Dog Travel Bag for Nars, a young a well behaved Sheltie estimated at 14-15 lbs.Sheltie

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for Nars, a young Sheltie estimated at 14-15 lbs.
Base Model and Size: Celltei Paws
Material & Trims: Cordura® Sand color
Lining & Mesh: Fabric provided with beige mesh
Reference Model: CP003

1) Dimension: 19" L x 9.5" W x 10.5 H (about 11.5" including the webbing trim)
2) Cover: zipper closure with one side of the cover attached to the right side of the bag (the back side when the bag is being carried on the right shoulder) and zip around the opposite side. A cover flap on the outside
3) Two large pockets in the front with the gold pipping sent and the buttons provided
4) A match gold color Round ring connecting the bag to the shoulder strap
5) drape down cover on the side, with left side of the bag with mesh opening, the right side mesh close. The left side of the bag is the side that faces forward on the bag is being carried on the right shoulder
6) Drop-down length is 10" - measure from the middle
7) No security leash needed
8) Add gold support feet on the bottom
9) Monogram in Gold
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Start with: 
"Is it possible to make it in a larger size; say 19" Long X 11.5" High X 9" wide? Also, although I love the pelican color, can you make the trim a metallic gold instead of the deep brown color? Would that look strange?

*For the top, I wanted a mesh fabric only, like what is used when you pull down the flaps on the side. And, instead of having it zip down the center, I would like for it to zip completely around in a "U" shape, like the top of the Sherpa bag. Except of course, that the fabric will only be mesh with no opaque fabric. None will be able to see in anyway as the paws carrier's top has an "edge" on it to cover.

*Finally, the last thing was the sides of the bag. Instead of having a opening that comes half way down with flap to cover, on the right side (only) of the back I wanted a "U" shaped mesh opening that zips at least 3/4 of the way down and around and a flap to cover it for incognito use. Something like the front door of this: .

See how you would roll the flap up to hold it open, and mesh opening and the zipper makes a "U" shape? I want to use the opening for entering and exiting the bag. The left side of the back can have similar roll up flaps, but with no zipper; just mesh with flap to cover.

I'd like this bag to be able to hold 18 lbs without the floor sagging. I think my dog will only be about 14-15 lbs, but this way I have a little leeway and I can carry my wallet, phone, keys, makeup case, and other things inside the pockets without worry." .. Marie

End with

"OMG I got home late at night and the pet carrier had arrived - IT IS PERFECT!!! I absolutely LOVE IT and so does NARS!!! It fits her perfectly, there is NO sagging at all on the bottom, and it is BEAUTIFUL and so lightweight. JUST GORGEOUS. I cannot wait to use it for the first time.

"I am so very impressed with you and your team at producing such high quality, innovative products for us pet lovers. This was a difficult custom job, and something like this would never be found or attainable anywhere else. I thank you so very much for listening to my sometimes difficult requests and trying to accommodate them! As soon as I get the chance, I will take some pictures of NARS enjoying her new pet carrier."

"We just love the bag so much. Did you see the video of Nars going into her Celltei carrier? You can see how much she loves it and that she has no problems with the smaller opening on the side.

Yes, she stays completely quiet in the restaurants and movies - anywhere. Most clothing places around here don't care if she peeks her head out but the places with food normally don't allow dogs. They had no idea we had her with us because the carrier looks like a tote bag. She loves the carrier so much she lays in it even at Home!! You can see how much space she has even in the more recent smaller carrier!"