Mandarin Series

Made to order in 3-4 weeks
The Celltei® Mandarin Series  was designed to resemble a woman's silhouette. The buttery soft strap and trim are genuine leather and the fabric, usually used to make saris, is 100% Indian silk. The intricate beading has been sewn in by hand. The front velcro closure opens to reveal an expanse of faux fur lining that is even softer than the fur on a golden retriever puppy. A mesh window is on the back for viewing and ventilation.
Petite - 3 lbs. or less
XS - 4.5 lbs. or less
Small - 6 lbs. or less
(L x W x H):

Petite - 11 x 6.5 x 13"   or   27.9 x 16.5 x 33 cm

XS - 13.5 x 7 x 14"   or   34.3 x 17.8 x 35.6 cm

Small - 15.5 x 7.5 x 15"   or   39.4 x 19.1 x38.1 cm

Red - Synthetic silk with Metallic Gold Color Leather Trims
Gold - 100% Indian silk with Metallic Gold Color Leather Trims
Silver - Synthetic silk with Pewter Color Leather Trims
Interior: Faux Fur Lining in matching color with a credit card/lip stick pocket
Inside leash: Matched color with a metal clasp
Floor:  Waterproof floor padding with Faux Fur cushion cover
Back: Nylon mesh window in matching color
Comments: This design is the best for tea-cup or toy size pets.

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