Parrot Pockets (R) - Medium Size - 5" x 8"

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Parrot Pocket® is hand made by Debbie Goodrich, aka the Parrot Lady.  It is made of 6 to 7 oz. leather and 100% organic.  The design is simple with randomly positioned holes to keep the bird busy trying to pull the treats out through the holes.   

We have enclosed an extra leather strip for you to hang the pocket inside Pak-o-Bird and have it tied in place by threading through a small D-ring on the floor. 

Size:  5" x 8"  (12.7 x 20.3 cm) 

Quantity:  1 piece per pack with 1/8" x 48" (0.32 x 121.9 cm) leather strip

Made in USA

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Notes from Debbie:

The Medium size Parrot Pockets is the most popular size.  They are designed for medium size parrots such as the Amazon parrots, mini Macaws, Greys parrots, small Cockatoos and large conures.  These medium size parrots will often destroy the pocket in attempts to remove their food at first.  Despite their attempts, the leather and structure holds up to give the pocket an average lifespan of approximately 4 months.

Many thanks to customers who have posted videos online. THANK YOU!