Meeting Delta Airlines' Specific Flight Requirements for a 8 lbs. Dog


Quick sketches

Custom Made to meet a specific flight requirement by Delta for a 8 lbs. 13 H x 17 L pet
Base Model and Size: Pak-o-pet medium 
Material & Trims: Cordura (R) Coyote color with metallic gold leather trim
Lining & Mesh: Dark brown smooth mesh with Khaki lining
0) Hand-cut fee 
1) Change two dimensions to 12" L x 9.5"H
2) Change structure to have a large top zipper opening as large as possible. The top opening just needs to have 1 zippered cover in mesh. The roof support panel will go from bottom to bottom for vertical support of 2.5" wide, can be trimmed narrower if needed and removable. Opening is center to the top. 
3) Add 4" side expandable with additional detachable support panel to hold up the shape 
4) Use Metallic gold leather trim for a Tote style shoulder strap and trimmings
5) Make one side of bag full fine mesh; the other side should remain top half fine mesh with bottom same as fabric with a zipper pocket 
5) lengthen front pocket with flap -Velcro closure 
6) Back pocket with flat pocket as sketched 
7) Remove side grommet for holding water bottle, No cellphone pouch 
8) Sew a foldable 4" floor panel extension to the bottom support panels; add sleeve for two aluminum bars that can be slid forward to support the 4" extension panel ; padding for the floor including extension the 4" extended area. 

Date Completed:    July 2014