Natural Bird Cage Perch - Florida Dragonwood - Screw on both sides (up to 35" Long)

Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Dragon wood is a natural wood from Florida, USA.  It is light weight but as hard as manzanita. It is also easy to clean.

Each Pak-o-Bird does come with one perch. Here are some additional perches for your travel needs.

Some bird owners may opt for a smaller perch diameter for the travel cage to give the bird a closer grip.  If you have a big chewer, having a curved perch to let the bird further away from the front mesh could be another attempt to out-smart the bird :-)!

The washers are added to the end for adjusting purpose only, since the length of the screw extended from the perch may vary slightly.

You would not need to add the washer if the perch is tightly secured without them.

The wingnuts fit for 1/4" screw. If lost, the washers and the wingnuts can be found at your local hardware stores. Of course, you can order from us as well.