Orange Winged Amazon Parrot (Embroidery only)

Made to order in 2-3 weeks

Approximate Size (not include Monogram):    5.0 x 3.68 inches (12.7 x 9.4 cm)

For other size, please call us for the price.  The price is based on the complexity of the digitized file, the stitch count, machine time and the amount of manual work to complete the embroidery

The monogram, if chosen, will be sized appropriately.

We were commissioned to make a gift bag for the speakers at the 4th Wellness Retreat organized by Phoenix Landing. Phoenix Landing is the best non-profit organization we know that helps many parrots and the families who have them. This event was held in May 2018 in North Carolina. It was a two-day bi-annual event with great speakers from well-known Avian Vets to respectable scientists from different countries. There were different tracks of seminar from toy making to behavior training to very technical subjects for vet students and bird enthusiasts. We have learned a lot and are honored to be part of it.

This project gave us the opportunity to research the various birds the speakers like and look at the birds closely. We referred images from book, bird pictures provided and internet images hoping to create one that best depicts the bird's known character. The most challenging part perhaps is to try to have the right shade of the colors that matches the bird's feather colors. Yet, we cannot know for sure what the right shades of color are, let alone the many shades there are.

Here are the first group of bird image embroidery. We hope you like them.

To do it right for the future, we should have a collection of real feathers. If you can spare your bird's dropped feathers, please mail us the excess and let us know which bird you have. Thank you!