Pablo's Little Parrot Dream Swing - Made in Australia

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SHOP FOR CONSERVATION - Pablo's Bird Toys donates an Australian Dollar (A$1) from their proceed to World Parrot Trust for the conservation of wild parrots.  Thank YOU!

First made of the little guys such as budgies, parrotlets, lovebirds and small conures, Pablo's Dream Swing is perfect for their afternoon naps.  You can place a small treat like dried papaya inside the wicker balls for foraging activities.  As they get sleepy, they can bury their face behind the butterfly shape leather piece to nap while chewing down the treat.  Who said you cannot dream and eat at the same time!  

Size:  approx. 17 x 6 x 25 cm   (6.7" x 2.4" x 9.8")

Made in Australia          by Pablo's Bird Toys

Materials:    Wood pieces, wicker balls, leather, plastic pieces

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