Pak-o-Bird for an Umbrella Cockatoo and an African Grey

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for an Umbrella Cockatoo named Chico and an African Grey named Jezebel

Base Model and Size: Pak-o-Bird for two 22" height and wide panel 

Material & Trims: Olive color Nylon

Lining & Mesh: Grey Perch position: Facing the carrier, 6.5" on left and 7.5" on right


  1. Wide panels extend to the middle 1/2" instead of 1"
  2. Monogram in Silver color (facing the carrier) +$50:
    - on the left side: Chico
    - on the right size: Jezebel

    "Natalie's family visited us with the birds first before confirming the details of the custom carrier. It is so pleasing to see the exchange between the birds and people - the birds ARE the kids in the family. Chico was a rescue and it took a lot of patience and 'suffering' to acclimate the bird to the new home. Undoubtedly, the birds are pampered. They are also so comfortable with their family. To see how they can be 'roughed up' (pushed around, talked at and talked back, all in a nice way) is so amazing".