Pet Carrier for a 22 lb Cardigan Welsh Corgi flying on American Airlines

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 22 lb cardigan Welsh Corgi flying on American airlines (with dimension requirement provided as 19" x 13" x 9")
   (Small insert shows the color when picture is taken without a flash)

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-pet - large size
Material & Trims: 1000 Nylon Brown Orange color
Lining & Mesh: Black and black netted mesh
Reference Model: PH003
0) Handcut Fee 
1) Change dimension to 19" L x 12" W x 11" H 
2) Add one 6" expandable on the side 


Start with:   I am looking for a bag so my 22 lb Cardigan Welsh Corgi can fly under the seat. She needs length and width, not so much height. :) I am looking at the Medium backpack-o-pet expandable to 6" on both sides. Wondering if it would be possible to do that, and also a side expansion like this one ? I also like the minimal pockets and features on this one to slim it down. ... Courtney

Celltei:  The medium size is too small for your Corgi when it is not expanded. We would suggest you to have the length increase to the maximum allowed by the airline, add perhaps just one length expansion (as this part is zipped in and have no support when expanded) and also the expansion in the back if needed. Do check the maximum size allowed by the airlines and hopefully, the carrier can be used in a car, as a cage when travel and have more usage.

Courtney:  The airline is American, so the biggest size would be 19" x 13" x 9". I could do that, or whatever you'd recommend, with just the one expansion on length and the other one on the back. And yes, I would love to also use it in the car when we travel. As for color, I'd love to add the red orange, also....

Celltei:  As 9” height is very short and that our structure is compressible, my final recommendation is to have the bag made slightly narrower than the requirement but give the dog a comfortable height of 19” L x 12” W x 11” H. To meet the requirement, you can push the height of the bag down and make the bag wider. If you are not comfortable to have the height 2” higher than the requirement, I would suggest a minimum 10” should be fine for compliance because the structure is flexible. Do measure your Corgi one more time to feel what he really needs – the big ears!!

We have used up all the red orange fabric, any of the Cordura® fabric should be fine We do have other colors that we have not had a chance to list on the site. Please ask.

Courtney:  Your recommendation on dimensions sounds fine - thanks! (It was decided that the back compartment is not needed and a brown orange color fabric used for another custom design is desired).