Pet Stroller and Travel Backpack Carrier for a Capuchin Monkey


Custom Made for a Capuchin Monkey
Base Model and Size: Pak-o-bird ML size with stainless steel mesh $329
Material & Trims:
Lining & Mesh:
Based Model: PB002
0) Hand-cut fee +$120 (year 2023)
1) Change dimension to 16" L x 14" W +$100
2) use same strong fabric for lining +$20
3) add wide panel - attach the cross panel by rivets
4) No grommets
5) add a zipper to the front bottom opening
6) replace all snaps with rivets
7) No rolled-down curtains
8) Use metal zipper
9) No bottom studs
11) corrugated board for base panel insert
12) No velcro in the interior
13) add a stainless steel mesh toward the back wall

Add a converted stroller - removed back frame and added aluminum base bar for supporting the bottom (same model may not be available over the year).

Date Completed:    March 2015