Subway Pet Carrier for a 55 lb. Doberman

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 55 lb. doberman standing 36" L x 13" W x 32"H

Considerations: for the subway and to be carried down the steps

Base Model: Pak-o-Pet with webbing handle and adjustable shoulder strap - large size +$269

Materials - Black MicrofiberLining & Mesh - Black and Black netted mesh


  1. Hand cut Fee +$80
  2. Dimension - 32" L x 14" W x 19" H +$150
  3. Pull handle - one fabric based one we always do (AND we will see if we can find one that molded/stable handle like the handle on the guide dog harness that can be hooked on, provided a rattan handle) +$25
  4. With 6 wheels (two stationed wheels and the rest are 360 degree revolving wheels) +$60
  5. Foldable with panels and support frame set +$50
  6. Add water bottle holder to the side
  7. Add a large size foldable water bowl $+15
  8. No back pocket but keep side pockets for treats - one zipper closed and one velcro closed pocket on each side separately
  9. ship in over-sized box