Taking a 30 lbs Scottish Terrier (Scottie) shopping and on public transports in Singapore

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Custom Made for a 30 lbs. Scottish Terrier shopping in Singapore

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-pet - X-large size 
Material & Trims: Black Cordura7reg;
Lining & Mesh: Black with black netted mesh
Reference Model: PH003
0) Hand-cut fee 
1) increase width to 15" 
2) Add wheels


Start with:  (Lia placed an order on-line for an XL size - 23" L x 13" W x 15" H - adding 5" to each dimension and wheels for her 30 lbs Scottish Terrier)

Celltei:  If we understand you correctly, you are looking at getting a backpack of 28" length by 18" depth by 20" height (28"x18"x20"). The wheels will also add another 2.5" height. This is almost like a cage size and for travel carrier, you probably would not need this size for a 30 lb. Scottish terrier. It is very bulky for you to move around and bigger than the Scottie needs. If you would put it on a car seat, it is too big also.

What do you plan to use the carrier for? May we suggest that you find a box to put the dog in and see in 3D, what size the dog need? For a travel carrier, it is totally fine to have the carrier made small than the dog's standing size. See for more details. The purpose for a travel carrier is to be able to bring the dog with you so choosing the right size for both the dog and YOU is important.

Lia:  Thank you very much for your suggestion, it does seem too big now. I think 23"L by 13"W by 20"H would be good.

Celltei:  In this case, we will only change one dimension which is the height. What would you be using the carrier for? One more point is that when the bag is in motion, the dog will naturally lie down. The height of the bag is find to the back of the dog plus just a little big height.

The wheels have the advantage of pulling. However, if you are an active individual and will backpack the dog at places, these wheels will add nearly 3 lbs to the weight. Also, if you plan to have the carrier as a temporary cage/housing for your dog during overnight trips to friends, the wheels may not give the flat / stable bottom as a cage.

Please give it some thoughts, we can always change.

Lia:  Should the bag's width be much bigger than the dog's body width if the height touches his back?

Celltei:  Hm.. each dog curls up differently. Not too wide, can you take a look at this link where we shows a few pictures of how the width can be determined for airline travel. (middle of the page).

Lia:  I would be using the bag for outings like shopping or taking public transports. Most probably wheeling the bag most of the time, or using the shoulder strap. So I'd like to keep the wheels. After much thought on the dimension, i think 23"L by 15"W by 15"H would be good. As for the base design, is it possible to add wheels onto the Classic Pak-o-Pet model ?

Celltei:  Hm.. this handle purse would not be strong enough as you can imagine pulling from four attachment points rather than the webbing that is stitched down to the base of the carrier. It can be down but just not as durable in the longer term.

Also, can you shoulder-carry 38/39 lbs even sometime …. it is very heavy? Please do find a box of similar size even just with the length and width and see if your arm can reach across to the front.. how about put some book inside the box to the weight and see how it is …

Lia, as you are very far from us, we want to make sure you get what you envision and the bag is functional to you. It is very big..

Lia:  I have constructed a box in the size of 23"L15"W15"H, and it is the right size for my over-sized dog. Any smaller he wouldn't fit in it :(

Celltei:  Labor of love :-) !