Traveler Backpack-o-Pet XL Size for 3 Cats

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Start with: A great cat lover wants a larger carrier to go places with her three cats weigh about 3 lb., 7 lbs. and 10 lbs.

In between: Dimension is concluded as 23" L x 15" W x 15" H

End with: YAY! I just saw the custom XL Traveler Backpack-O-Pet for my three cats that you made for us on the "Tailoring" page of the website! We're famous!!! Angie kept asking me "Are you sure that this is what you want? It's going to weigh 30 pounds!" It really isn't too heavy and it's *exactly* the right size for all of them to have enough room to stretch out a little or snuggle if they want. Perfect! And gorgeous - *I* want to sleep in it! We all love it! And *everyone* asks me where I got it. Thank you so much!

Base Model: Traveler Backpack-o-pet -XL size


  1. Increase width to 15" (23" L x 15" W x 15" H)