Wheelable Pet Carrier for Two Beagles traveling between NYC and Metro North

Made to order in 3-4 weeks

Base Model and Size: Backpack-o-Pet (without the regular backpack strap)


  1. Material & Trims: black 1680-denier
  2. Lining & Mesh: Black mesh and black lining
  3. Dimension: 25" L x 18" W x 15" H
  4. With six wheels
  5. Half mesh on the window side with zipper pocket and full mesh on the "door side"
  6. One large top opening (as large as possible) - after giving some thoughs and consider the position of how two dogs may lie, one opening would be less restrictive to the dogs' movement
  7. A back compartment for computer (with padding) 14" L x 11"
  8. One large horizontal zipper front pockets
  9. Zipper closure on both side pockets
  10. Two separate leashes - one short one attached to the mid point of the front wall of the carrier and one longer one attached to the mid point of the back wall
  11. The carrier can be detached, folded and backpacked. The wheels are facing outward with a cover and the Backpack straps are positioned on the long side
  12. we are still researching on a fixed handle (this order will not include this handle but will keep you informed if we do have a good solution)
  13. Add small buckle to behind the handle webbing for attaching a pouch that is 20" L x 14" W x 4" H
  14. With fluffy floor pad
  15. Do take into consideration of the person's height (18" from shoulder to waist line) when setting the position of the backpack strap (worn vertically)