Wide Panel Set

Usually ships in 2-3 business days

To cover from inside the edges (zippers) of the front opening window. It is highly recommended for inquisititive birds like African Grey parrots who love to explore or those hard workers who need something to "work on" all the time. Often, they use their beak as the third point of anchor when moving in and out of the carrier and may find the zipper teeth "interesting". The panels can be unsnapped and replaced. It is a more economical option than sending the carrier back to us to replace the zipper.

The panel extend half an inch (used to be 1") beyond the opening area and cover the left, right and bottom edges.

For some serious chewers like ... Umbrella Cockatoos (yes, we love you too!), you can opt for the panels with aluminum sheet add to the edges of the panels. (yes, the next round may be to add stainless steel plate! It is a constant brain exercise trying to out-smart the birds - squawk, squawk, hawk, hawk, hawk...)