Bird Travel Aviary

Limited quantity in stock. Once sold, need 4-6 weeks to restock

This is a strange time.  We are able to regain a skilled staff with remote manufacturing (LoL) and start taking orders again!

With great feedback from the initial users, we will update the site with more details related to individual size in coming days.  Every part is hand made.  As we have learned more, we continue to make structural and functional improvements.   A carrying case has been developed that meets general airlines' check in luggage requirement.  So, please bear with us.

This "Bird Aviary" designed first for outdoor is also a smart design for indoor use.  Let us know what you think!  

Size Dimension (L x W x H) Perch Positions (above floor)
S 22.75-23.25 x 21.5 x 24 inches
(58-59 x 55 x 61 cm)
7, 9, 11, 16 & 21* inches (18, 23, 28, 41 & 53* cm)
12, 14, 16 & 23* inches (31, 36, 41 & 58* cm)
M 25.5-26.13 x 24 x 28 inches
(65-66 x 61 x 71 cm)
9, 11, 13, 18 & 25* inches (21, 28, 33, 46 & 64* cm)
14, 16, 18 & 27* inches (36, 41, 46 & 69* cm)
L 31.75-32.38 x 28 x 34 inches
(81-82 x 71 x 86 cm)
9, 11, 13, 18 & 31* inches (21, 28, 33, 46 & 79* cm)
14, 16, 18 & 33* inches (36, 41, 46 & 84* cm)
XL 37.5 x 34 x 56 inches
(95 x 86 x 142 cm)
23, 25, 27, 34 & 53* inches (58, 64, 69, 86 & 135* cm)
30, 32, 34 & 55* inches (76, 81, 86 & 140* cm)

*Top Support Bar; Additional Base Support Bar at 1" (2.54 cm) above floor

Design ideas/Features:

  • Indoor and outdoor use - fully enclosed structure to keep all crumbs within (yeah!)
  • Foldable for ease of travel (with handles; inner panels are smaller for folding flat)
  • Appropriately sized with large stainless steel mesh screen area for the bird to feel comfortable and be part of the surrounding
  • Removable top stainless steel mesh screen with cover allows bird to stand on top outside
  • Multiple attachment positions for full length and short perches, fun toys and furniture (enjoy your creativity to decorate the 'mansion')
  • Choices of accessories that best fit the birds preference 
  • Fully removable bottom (wouldn't it be nice to reduce the cleaning every day at home!)
  • Strong and durable luggage grade fabric
  • Stainless steel mesh screen with over 50% opening to allow UV light to pass through

Standard Accessories included:

  • Three single clamp 10 oz. stainless steel coop cups
  • Two short dragon wood perches
  • Two full length dragon wood perches
  • Two full length aluminum support bars

Full length Accessory options:

  • Full length Dragon wood perch - 1 to 4 pieces
  • Full length aluminum support bar - 1 to 2 pieces
  • Full length cotton rope perch - 1 to 2 pieces

Further comments/Developments - In order to have the Aviary folded flat, four of the six walls are shorter in  width.  One improvement in the further is to make the width difference more identifiable for the ease of having the aviary folded up.  This is a new design that we welcome any feedback and comments.

Set up Instructions - The aviary is made of six walls (with six poles), a top opening with mesh and a bottom opening. 

  1. After you open up the body, remove the six bolts on the top end of the aluminum poles.  Have the bolts go through the grommet tab and reattach them to the same tube.  Do the same for the six bolts on the bottom.
  2. Zip on the round top opening with mesh and cover and the bottom one as well.
  3. Through the front opening, attach one aluminum tube across the top and one across the bottom, pick a different side for each one.
  4. Pick two grommets across in the middle area and attach two full length perches (please pick one side different from those the top and bottom aluminum bar are attached to)
  5. Attach the remaining short perches and three cups to a desired position on the Aviary
  6. In order to fold the aviary flat, four walls are slightly smaller than the front (with the opening) and the opposite back walls.   Please match the shape of the floor panels, position and attach it to the floor accordingly.