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"This is Admirable Bird, the beloved blue-and-gold member of the urban agriculture team, coming down from the apple tree in our communal garden “Entropy Acres” in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Like most gregarious parrots, His Admiralty has to be in the center of the action whenever possible. Hatched in Philadelphia in 1993, Admirable Bird was an adoption from a home where he was much loved but never taken out of his cage for 10 years. As you can see, he has adapted beautifully to the “wilds” of our backyard. I had never had a parrot before, and a blue and gold is definitely NOT a starter bird, but we learned together and he is the spirit of the house—loud, loving, inquisitive, tender, hungry, sweet, always busy, fascinated and fascinating. He loves to ride in the car, attend meetings, and whistle to passersby from the front porch. He greets everyone, of any species, with a booming, yet seductive, “Hello, dearest bird.” He joins the dog chorus when the neighborhood pack starts a round of barking. He also clucks to the chickens, one of whom is pictured on the t-shirt in the picture. (She is “Little Grey”, hatched in our dining room, and now a blue Jersey Giant/Araucana cross of epic proportions.) All macaws should be winging through the forest sky with their mates, not having to make due with a pack of other species in New England houses, but he makes the most of it. Admirable Bird ‘s dream is to go shopping someday. Preferably in a crowded store." ... Terry

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