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"Shelli's Copter started out with being rescued from a pet store, but we didn't know it at the time. Our trip to the Pet store was our intention to buy a cocateil for Shelli's birthday, that is, to buy Copter #7. You see, Shelli has had 6 other Copter's all raised from little babies, hand fed by herself and this one was going to be no exception. We went over to the cage, and there were two cocateils; one was a little older cocateil who was chewing on the little runt of a cocateil who barely had it's pin feathers growing in. Shelli opened the door of the cage and the little runt came over to Shelli immediately and climbed on her hand. Shelli fell in love right away as the little eyes of the runt fixed on Shelli's and Shelli started crying, "This is the one". The little thing just snuggled in Shelli's hands, which at the time it's what she needs since she was going through a hard time with a constant migraine then for 4 years at the time that wouldn't go away and was feeling a little depressed and frustrated. We purchased the little cocateil and took it home in the snowy weather all covered in a warm blanket within it's pet carrier as the newly bought pet cage and supplies were in the back of the car. When we got home in the warm house, that's when the fun started, in feeding little Copter 7 or just Copter. Formula feeding was fun as the little guy just wanted more and more and more formula, every 2-3 hours; just like having a real newborn in the house. Then soon, the feedings dropped off dramatically and little Copter began looking awful and we didn't know why. This was about 2 days after we purchased him. He stopped eating all together and by that time we were too much invested in him to bring him back, we brought him to the vet hospital. After the exam, several test, and an overnite stay and $350 later Copter was better. He had a Ghirardia bacteria that was eating at his intestine walls, but a little antibiotics boost intravinous overnite caused him to get better and all we had to do was continue that regemign for 2 weeks and he was in the clear. A year later Copter the Him, turned out to be Copter the Her after She layed an egg. Copter seemed a good name for either, so the name stuck. Copter is Shelli's best bud, friend, lover (or mate) as you can see by the first picture." .. Shelli T.

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