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My name is Susan and my Best Friend is Penny. She is a 3# tea cup Yorkie that loves to go everywhere with me in her Celltei Carrier. All I have to do is say "let's go" and she jumps in the bag and looks out. It is hard to get her to come out of the bag she loves it. I'm sending you 4 pictures to see if you can use any of them. Feel free to use what you like. We travel all over the country and I have tons of pet lovers ask me "where did you get your bag" so I direct them to your web site. Thank you for providing the carrier for us. I take Penny into restaurants, stores, etc. and no one ever knows her is with me, it's wonderful. If I were to win the photo for the calendar I would like to have the Classic Pak-o Pet Black in Petite.

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