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"Isabeau is my very orange sun conure, or as he would put it, I am his person. He gives kisses on command and will raise his left foot when he wants something (like safflower seeds, peanut butter, a shower, or me). He is a published author (it’s a very small press). His colorful brochure, A Parrot’s Guide to Owners (2009) is a must read for other parrots with advice like: “Chewing: The best fabric to chew is 100% cotton. When your owner puts on a new cotton shirt, look innocent and inattentive, then take a nip out of it as quickly as you can. Once this is accomplished it quickly becomes your shirt. Depriving your companion of her wardrobe is the object.” Or, “Talking: Don’t say anything human. This will make your companion wonder what she is doing wrong, and eventually she will stop repeating words to you, which is annoying.” Or, “How to Get Your Companion to get into the House Quickly After a Hard Day at Work: Threaten to poop down the bars of the cage while screaming pathetically. Do it once and she will move more quickly the next time.” Or, “Hitching a Ride: Tuck yourself into your companion’s shirt. You will then know where she is at all times. Peak out at the neck (being adorable) when she makes a move, as she may be headed toward the kitchen for snacks.” And, “Always Keep a Lookout for Helicopters: They are bigger than you are and have sharp claws.” Isabeau has been my joy for the past two years." ... Janice S.

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