Style Living was founded in 1999 with the idea to build a business with products that enable people to live in style.
We tried quite a few products in the intial years   Celltei®, phonetically sound as "hand carry" in Mandarin, was registered as the trademark.

The business of pet product started because the owner's self interest of hiking and traveling with the unintended rescued of a Yorkie from overseas. From one backpack pet carrier design produced by a contracted factory in 2001, we now manufacture in Brooklyn NY perhaps the most complete line of pet travel carriers and ship to nearly 40 countries.

Many creative minds, talented hands and hardworking souls continue to contribute to the evolving Celltei business. We have started to broaden our products to include regular travel goods. We take enormous pride in what we do. We hope that you will continue to find new and exciting Celltei products that fit your need.


To contact us:

stylelivinglogo.jpg    Style Living Corp (doing business as Celltei)
   128 Waterbury Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206, USA
   Phone/Text:  1-718-388-8882    Phone/Fax:  1-718-388-8808
   Hours:   Monday to Friday 9 to 4 pm    (Closed on Federal holidays;  visit by appointment only)

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